How do I delete a person from my family tree?

Click EDIT in a blue box of a person. 
On the bottom of edit window you will find a button "Remove the person from the database". Click on it.

How can I add the second wife to a husband?

Click to interconnection:  in a blue box of a person. 
New window will pop up with the names of added wives. Now you can add a name of a new one.

What information about marriage can we input?

1. the date of the marriage - You can find wedding rings icon between two blue boxes of a husband and a wife-click on it. Now you are able to add the date of the marriage.

2. how to input unmarried couples - Click on the wedding rings icon. Then delete the tick from THE PARTNERS ARE MARRIED.

How can I print the whole family tree on one piece of paper?

On this website you can make a family tree with unlimited number of people for free. 
Family trees can be connected with each other and thanks to this there are family trees with thousands of people in it. 
The family tree with such a huge number of people can't be printed on one of piece of paper.However there are many ways how to print a huge family tree. 
You can even make a book containing the whole family tree. Click here to learn more.

Where should I look for additional information for my family tree?

First of all, you should gain some information from your family. Visiting your relatives with a pen and paper and writing down the information always helps.
Ask for dates, interesting life events, or go through old family photos. If you are lucky, you will learn lots of valuable things. Sadly, our relatives will not be here forever and that's how we often loose precious memories and information. We do not recommend to add your new data to your family tree right in front of your relatives.
When the sources from your relatives are not longer available you can always find on some Internet databases. To browse the list of them click here. If you need any further assitance with 
reading the files, looking for a person or anything similair to this issue, you can contact us at section CHAT. There will be always someone willing to help you out.

Who can see all the information I entered into my family tree?

Due to privacy policy, any personal data is only shown to you after you log-in. 
Photographs, full dates of births, any other personal details can't be seen by anyone except for you. There is a possibility which allows you to look on other people's family trees with a permission of the family tree's creator. To ask for such permission follow these steps:
In other person's family tree there is a text "show the whole dates of births in this family tree". By clicking on the text you can ask the creator for showing his personal details in his/hers family tree. 
The creator of a family tree can cancel this permission anytime. For more information on how to show my family tree to others or giving them permission to change it- click here.

Does this website have any fees?

Both registration on this website and creating a family tree with unlimited number of people are for free. 
There are no hidden fees. However there are some services you can choose from, which are paid. 
For example: inputting more photographs into a family tree, or browsing different archives and many more...
You can find more information in section E-SHOP.



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