Origin of the name Marie

French and Czech form of Maria. A notable bearer of this name was Marie Antoinette, a queen of France who was executed by guillotine during the French Revolution. Another was Marie Curie (1867-1934), a physicist and chemist who studied radioactivity with her husband Pierre.

Name equivalents in different languages

cz: Majka, Mariana, Marie, Marije, Marika, Marinka, Maruska, Miriam, Mirka
de: Maike, Maja, Mareike, Maria, Marie, Mariele, Marina, Marita, Marlene
en: Annmarie, Mae, Marella, Mariah, Marica, Marigold, Marilou, Marilynn, Marinda, Marion
fr: Jean, Manon, Marianne, Marie, Marielle, Mariette, Marilene, Marilou, Marine, Marion
hu: Mara, Mari, Maria, Marianna, Marica, Marie, Marietta, Marika, Mariska
it: Annmarie, Mariangela, Marianna, Mariella, Marietta, Marilena, Marina, Marinella, Marisa, Mimi
li: Annamaria, Marija, Marijona, Marina
pl: Mania, Maria, Marianna, Marietta, Marika, Marina, Mariola, Mariusia, Marlena
ru: Maja, Manyash, Mari, Maria, Mariam, Marianna, Marina, Marinka, Marisha, Marishka
sk: Majka, Mara, Mare, Maria, Marianna, Marika, Mia, Mimi, Miriama, Mirka