Origin of the name Elaine

From an Old French form of Helen. It appears in Arthurian legend; in Thomas Malory's 15th-century compilation 'Le Morte d'Arthur' Elaine was the daughter of Pelleas, the lover of Lancelot, and the mother of Galahad. It was not commonly used as an English given name until after the appearance of Tennyson's Arthurian epic 'Idylls of the King' (1859).

Name equivalents in different languages

cz: Aja, Alca, Alena, Alenka, Hela, Helena, Helenka
de: Alena, Elena, Helena, Helene, Ilka, Ilona, Jelena
en: Aileen, Alaina, Aline, Eileen, Elaine, Ella, Ellen
fr: Aline, Elana, Helena, Helene, Marilene
hu: Duci, Helen, Ili, Ilka, Ilona, Ilonka
it: Elena, Maddalena, Marilena
li: Alina, Elena, Helena, Ilona
pl: Alina, Halena, Halszka, Helena, Helenka, Ilona, Lena
ru: Alionka, Alionouchka, Alyona, Elena, Elene, Ielena, Ilona
sk: Alena, Helena, Jela, Jelena, Jelka, Lenka