Origin of the name America

In the English-speaking world, this name is usually given in reference to the United States of America (see Amerigo). It came into use as an American name in the 19th century.

Name equivalents in different languages

cz: Jindra, Jindriška
de: Enrica, Heike, Heinrike, Henna, Henriette, Henrike, Rike
en: America, Etta, Ettie, Hallie, Harriet, Hattie, Henrietta, Hettie, Kendra
fr: Henriette
hu: Henrietta
it: Enrica
li: Henrieta, Henrika
pl: Henia, Heniusia, Henka, Henryczka, Henryka, Henrysia, Rysia
sk: Hena, Henka, Henrieta, Henrietka