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Hi! First time using your site. I made a mistake, and entered someone as a child of his own wife. I have added him as the husband of his wife, but since the incorrect record was added first - and quite early in the process - I can't delete it without losing all the subsequent info, and I can't see how to change his assignment. How can I change the assignment of the earlier record to be the husband, and not the son, of his wife? Thanks!

30.08.2022 •

Hi. Thanks for your message. If you want to swap parents for somebody in your family-tree, you can use these simple steps:

1. Go to your diagram
2. Go to the person who has incorrect parents (note: that person must have blue color in the background)
3. Click to button with two arrows.
4. In the column named “Father of child” click to “relations – remove”
5. Search correct relation (father) by the name

After this change everything will remain. You don’t lose any information.

12.09.2022 •


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